planting by hand at Ried Gola
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Hancrafted of confiction

One-hundred percent handcrafted wines form the basis of the high-quality products from the House of Wohlmuth. Year after year, every single operation is performed by experienced hands. From pruning to picking – hand in hand with nature.
In the vineyards, soil management and the encouragement of natural predators to control vine pests are the key elements. Depending on the varietals, yields range between 3200 and 4500 liters per hectare. As harvest approaches, the optimum picking date for bringing in physiologically ripe fruit is discussed by the whole family. Several manual picks are made to select berries unaffected by rot – the overall prerequisite for producing razor-sharp whites. The fruit is then taken in small boxes to the press house, where they are handled very carefully. That’s the very moment at which decisions on the potential quality of the wines are made: Whether squeezing, destemming or both are applied, whether whole-bunch pressing is chosen, whether maceration should be allowed for some hours or no skin contact is preferred. After all, the optimum approach towards the future upbringing of the wines must be chosen within a short time as a function of the varietal, quality and vintage. It goes without saying that the gentle and careful handling of the crop is essential in every phase of vinification


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