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Handcrafted wines of origin

Territory wines

Dry whites made from hand-selected grapes. These wines shall not be sold before March 1st after maturing in the cellar for at least half a year. They show the diversity of the Südsteiermark.

Village wines

Each village in Südsteiermark is unique. Village wines thus reflect the local specialties. Among our wines, those from Kitzeck-Sausal always exhibit the typical minerality originating from the predominantly slate soils. Village wines are allowed longer maturation times and are bottled after 7-12 months of ageing in big wooden casks.

Single vineyard wines

The potential of a Ried (single vineyard), privileged by its terroir, transformed into an expressive, unique wine. Being a member of STK, our single vineyards are divided into Erste Ried (1STK – Premier Cru) and Große Ried (GSTK – Grand Cru). Wines from Erste STK sites (Premier Cru) ripen in the cellar for at least 12 months in big wooden casks, while wines from Große STK sites (Grand Cru) mature for at least 18 months. These wines have a huge ageing potential.



Ried Hochsteinriegl

Ried Edelschuh


Ried Steinriegl

Ried Gola


Ried Dr. Wunsch

Ried Sausaler Schlössl



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