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South Styria

Kitzeck-Sausal – the alpine village appellation

The village appellation Kitzeck-Sausal is a geological peculiarity within Südststeiermark, because its soils are much older than those of remaining area. They were formed over 400 million years ago together with the Central Alps. Thus, the overall appearance of the landscape is harsh, and the surroundings of Kitzeck are characterized not only by overwhelmingly steep vineyards, but also by numerous terraced plantings. The difference between the highest point of the hills and the bottom of the valley is mostly 200 meters and is reflected by the special steepness of the plots. Most of the vineyards are located at altitudes of 380 to 650 meters, which also contributes to a good aeration of the vines.



Kitzeck-Sausal is the coolest village appellation in Südsteiermark and strongly shaped by alpine airstreams. The heat-storing slate soils and the steep slope exposure towards the south combined with the coolness of the Alps promote great temperature differences between day and night, which results in grapes displaying multifaceted and intense aromas and flavors paired with structured minerality.



Phyllite slate– reddish and black in color, thin-plated, sporadically more compact, with inclusions of quartz, serricite and potassium feldspar.

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