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Single Vineyards

Historical Single Vineyards

The top sites of the Family Wohlmuth rank among Styria´s best vineyards also from a historical view. The Single Vineyard Edelschuh was already mentioned in 1322 among the best Single Vineyards and the lordship of Seckau claimed one third of the wine-tithe from the premium sites of the Sausal, they explicitly demanded wines sourced from the Altenberg, Anöd, Edelschuh and Steinriegel, until well into the 19th century. Even today, nothing has changed with the qualitative rating of these Single Vineyard sites. 


Quality Pyramide:

Gutsweine - Estate grown grapes and Estate bottled

Origin: 100% Südsteiermark from our own managed Single Vineyards in Kitzeck-Sausal, Gamlitz and Eichberg. The Wines are marketed under the names "Klassik" and "Steirischer Panther".

Ortsweine - Village Wines

Origin: 100% from our own managed Single Vineyards in the village Kitzeck-Sausal. Very high located sites with barren schist soils leads to mineralic driven wines with spicy character from the schist.

Riedenweine - Single Vineyard Wines

Origin: 100% from our own managed and best Single Vineyards in Kitzeck-Sausal. Extremely barren Schist soil and a lot of handwork due the extreme steepness leads to characterful, unique Terroir driven wines, which can age very well.

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