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Soil conditions as they are encountered in the Sausal mountains are very rare, differing strongly from those along the South Styrian Wine Route. It is exactly these special soils which, along with the matching grape varieties, impart that unique and distinctive character to the wines. In the Austrian wine territory, slate soils are a rare exception. There are only a few spots on which vines are rooted in slate and benefit from these rock formations. While the soils of the South Styrian Basin are frequently characterized by calciferous deposits – originated from million-year-old primordial oceans and formed by remains of corals, algae or shells -, the Sausal in higher regions had never come into contact with sea water.

Compared with other soil forms, wines from this cultivation zone, which reaches as high as 650 meters above sea level, usually obtain their emphasis from unsurpassable minerality. The red, grey and black slate is reflected in the wines, imparting to them a clear-cut and unique character displaying spicy components and a frequently salty-mineral acid structure.

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